1999 Toyota Chaser Tourer V [JZX100] w/ Ooyodo Itasha

| Thursday, 25 June 2015


(Image Source : Drifted )

Hi There!, Any JZX100 Fans here?
Why do you like it? Because of 4-Door enthusiasm? Awesome Drift Machine?
Anyway, There's a good article about Daigo Saito's JZX100 (It's MarkII btw) 
Yes, Daigo Saito, The D1GP Drifter!
Take a little time & a cup of cofee to read this Awesome Article by Drifted!

There's many good Pics of his JZX100 too!

Check out the Drifted Website to find out more Articles about Drift!

Please take your time to read the article :)

(Image Source : Drifted )

Hi There, Long time no see
Well, I'm Just too bored with Modding GTA SA, It Doesn't mean I've Stopped Modding.
Anyway, I Will share my Itasha, It's Part of Project Kantai Collection Itasha Mod Pack

Feature :
- HQ Exterior
- HQ Interior
- HQ Wheel [ Front & Rear ]
- Addapt SA Light
- Working Caliper
- Enkei Rims
- Advan Rims
- Addapt ImVehFT [Reverse Light, Indicator Light, Fog Light]
- Advanced Doors Sill
- Addapt SA Plate [Front and Rear]

 DFF Size : 14.3 MB
 TXD Size : 16.3 MB

- Natsume (Me) = Made The Vinyl & Optimized This mod
- Kaciao = Original Author
- Nando Seggay [ Converting ]
- Droppy [ for Advan Rims ]
- Anek [ for Enkei Rims ]
- Vianino [ for Optimizing & Data Line]
- All Author of Ooyodo Pictures that used to this Itasha

1. Re-Edit and Reupload Is Allowed as well as you put my name in the credit list
2. Using my Itasha for another car is NOT Allowed without permission
3. Re-Upload with adf.ly, adfoc.us, etc. is NOT allowed
4. Upload to Gtaind.com (fkin stealer website) is very PROHIBITED

JZX100 Only :
(Handling Fixed)


With Kancolle Itasha Pack :


  1. Hi Natsume :)
    Long time no see, I do miss your mods too :)
    Where have you been? I'm worried sick :(
    If you're reading this, please do chat with me sometimes.
    Here's my blog: http://random-princess.blogspot.com/
    Do pay me a visit during your free time, I'll be sure to greet you with a warm welcome :)

    1. Hi Mary
      Well, I'm really busy IRL, i'm sorry i can't make a mod right now.
      Okay, I'll Visit your blog :)) .

      Btw you have a fb account right?
      How do you know my fb account?

    2. I see...
      Yes, here's my account: https://www.facebook.com/floria.scarlet
      Your fb? well, I kept an eye of you the whole time :3
      But I keep it silence, in other words, I'm your stalker :3
      I've been using your mods for a long time, thanks for making my GTA such an awesome game ^^

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