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[REL] Shubert Frigate From Mafia II

| Saturday, 12 April 2014
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Tried Convert a Car From Mafia II ('-')
And The Result is... Good :3
BTW It's My First Public Shared Mod On This Year xD

Feature :
- MQ model [L0] dari Mafia II
- LQ Interior [L0] dari Mafia II
- Adapted For Active Dashboard 3.1
- Working Steering, Speedometer, and Wiper (Active Dashboard 3.1)
- SA Lights (HQLM Recommended!)
- Chevy Corvette C1 Rims From Forza 3 (Thanks To Riva For Rip This (Chevy Corvette C1) )
- Custom Handling
- Custom COllision
- Chassis_vlo (From Mafia II L1 Model)
- 3D Engine
- Flat Shadow
- Including Normal Version (Without Supercharger) and Supercharged Version, You Can Choose Which one you like ;)
- Replace : Windsor

 DFF Size : 534 kb (Normal) 552 kb (Supercharged)
 TXD Size : 514 kb

- Why I Not Adapt this mod for ImVehFT?, Because This Car Is Not Have Reverse Lights, Fog Lamps, and Rear Indicator Lights
- HQLM Mod Recommended

- Natsume (Me) = Convert & Optimized This Mod From Mafia II to GTA SA
- 2k Games (Mafia II) = Car Model
- Riva  = Ripped Chevy Corvette C1 Rims from Forza 3
- Turn 10 Studios (Forza 4) =  Chevy C1 Rims
- NineIV = Plate Case



[REL] Shubert Frigate From Mafia II

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Date :Saturday, 12 April 2014
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[WIP] Mercedes Benz 300SL

| Tuesday, 8 April 2014
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It's So Hard to Convert A Plane -,-
So, I Decided to Cancel that project & Started A New Project

The Damage Parts Not Broke the Remap

Release Date : 11 May 2014
 Why It Taking Too Much time?
Because I Must Prepare Myself For Junior High School National Exam, on 5th - 8th May

[WIP] Mercedes Benz 300SL

Posted by : Unknown
Date :Tuesday, 8 April 2014
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