[REL] Nissan Silvia S14 K's Sporty V2 + Yatogami Tohka Itasha

| Thursday, 25 July 2013
V.1 Features:
-Adapted For ImVehLM or ImVehFT by dk22pac
-Fully working steering wheel & windshield wipers
-Working turn signals, reverse lights
-Brakes & Calipers
-High Poly
-No Damageable Parts
-HQ Interior
-Sporty Body Kits
-Custom handling
-Hellaflush & Slammed Society Plate Frame (by NineKiloBytes Custom's)
-SA Plate Support
and many more...

V.2 Features :
- Interior Bug Fixed
- New Rims (Rip from Forza 3 by Riva)
+ New Engine Model (From J2 HIN)
+ Realistic Glasses
- Fix UVmap Materials
+ Paintjob added (Yatogami Tohka) (Template Included)

DFF Size : 9.14 MB

-Natsume (me) = Convert to SA
-Forza 3 = Model
-Keisuke = Rip the models
-Riva : Rip the Rims
-NineKiloBytes Custom's (nine-kilo-bytes.blogspot.com) = Hellaflush & Slammed Society Plate Frame

Thanks to Naufal Farras (http://moddingnations.blogspot.com/)  for some help
Thanks to NineIV (http://nineiv.blogspot.com/) For some help

Video (Thanks To Citroman2010) :


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